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30/8/2019 · The iBasso DC01 is a ‘pint-sized’ fully functional USB-DAC and amplification dongle with a 100% balanced 2.5mm TRRS output jack. It retails for around $50 depending on your location. Disclaimer: The iBasso DC01 was sent to us as a sample in exchange for our


Review of iBasso DC01 USB DAC cable adapter. Design and Functionality. DC01 main aluminum housing, kind of bulbous in shape, is about 38mm long, very lightweight, and hosts the 2.5mm balanced headphone jack, AK4493EQ DAC, dual ultra-low noise LDO

14/7/2019 · iBasso DC01 vs VE Odyssey (each one with S9) – Both devices are under $50, with Odyssey actually priced at $30 (per 2.5mm balanced config). They both connect to smartphone (usb-c) and PC (with included USB adaptor).

Introduction iBasso is a Chinese brand that is known for their digital audio players (DAPs). Recently, iBasso has released the DC01 which is a Hi-Res balanced DAC cable adapter. I would like to thank iBasso for providing the DC01 as a review unit. You can

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25/7/2019 · Make your phone a Hi-Resolution Audio Player: iBasso DC01 & DC02 Mobile Amp/DAC Review & Comparison – Duration: 3:21. Headphone Zone 1,709 views New

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16/1/2020 · Many thanks to minidisc.com.au for helping to make this review possible! Don’t forget to check out the Patreon page if you’d like to be in the draw to win either the iBasso DC01 or iBasso DC02

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11/1/2020 · iBasso DC01 – The design The iBasso DC01 is small, even tiny. It shares the same USB Key design you’d find on the Audioquest Cobalt or the FiiO BTR5, but a tad more classy in my opinion.The body is made of one full piece of aluminum. The interconnect


You can find all the roundup review of iBasso dc01 on xtenik blog, including the article review, review, and FAQ, so it is very convenient for you. The DC01 has good sub-bass quantity with great extension The sub-bass reproduction provides an agile rumble.

iBasso will also make available a companion Android app for superior-sounding volume control. There is no word on an iPhone version nor how thirsty the DC01/02 will be for an Android device’s battery power. However, at €50 a pop, iBasso gives us yet another


Alas iBasso only publishes partial specifications for the DC02, contrary to the DC01.They say it’s 900 mV at 32 Ω, which would amount to a very low 25 mW power output.That’s even less than some smartphones! The main advantage over those would only be in

30/3/2018 · Disclaimer: The iBasso IT01 was sent me as a loaner from a fellow audiophile friend. iBasso is not connected with Headfonia or this review. INTRO I don’t feel the need to introduce the iBasso brand again. If you haven’t heard about them, you can check their website here..


Among all the type C DAC dongles I have tried, possibly iBasso DC series is the superior specification-wise but I have skipped the DC01 as I don’t have many balanced cables. This iBasso DC02 unit has been purchased by me from Penon audio a few days back and posting the review

iBasso DC01 Hi-Res DAC/AMP Dongle Review Introduction: iBasso is Chinese company that is specialized in the Portable Audio products such like Digital Audio Players (DAP), Portable Amplifiers, In-Ear Monitors, Headphones, etc.. The iBasso DC01 & DC02 are

5/9/2019 · Removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from smartphones was an absolute mistake, period. And while I still blame Apple for that, it actually caused dongles like iBasso DC02 to be made. It’s the little and unbalanced brother of iBasso DC01 and uses an AK4490 chip


iBasso DC01の重さは11 g、全長は120 mmです。 どれくらい便利ですか? iBasso DC01を使用するのは非常に簡単ですが、あります言及する価値があることのカップル。 Windows 10では(Mac OSと同じように)、iBasso DC01は問題なく「起動」し

DC01/02 Firmware Aug 18th, 2019 File size: 227.72KB 2019-08-19 DX120 Firmware V2.6.94 Aug 6th, 2019 File size: 114.06MB 2019-08-09 DX120 Firmware V2.5.68 Jul 18th, 2019 File size: 112.69MB 2019-07-18 DAC Win OS USB-DAC driver for DX160/DC01

iBasso DC01 – a compact DAC / amplifier thatconnects to a USB Type-C port on a smartphone, or using an adapter to USB Type-A on a PC. It is designed to get better sound from a smartphone or computer with minimal financial costs, without the need for a massive separate Hi-Fi player.

14/3/2018 · The iBasso IT01 is their new entry-level single dynamic driver IEM which will run alongside the previously reviewed IT03 and the soon to be launched IT04. I cannot overstate how much hype was surrounding the IT03 when it first came out. There was definitely some


Review of iBasso DC01 USB DAC cable adapter. not familiar with usb audio pro, but I think it’s popular with Tidal users, somehow you can listen to Tidal through it, or maybe I’m wrong.

iBasso DC01 AK4493 DSD Android USB Type-C 2.5mm Balanced Headphone Amplifier Decode cable Description AKM AK4493EQ, featuring AKM’S Velvet Sound Technology The AK4493 is a desktop level stereo DAC chip, featuring AKM’s Velvet Sound TM technology. technology.


สำหร บ DAC/Amp iBasso DC01 น นจะม output เป นแจ คแบบบาลานซ 2.5 มม. คร บ สำหร บผ ท ใช แจ คบาลานซ เท าน นจ าๆๆ Review Product Review Product ข อความ Save Review Close × × dac/amp iBasso DC01


23/10/2019 · Introduction iBasso is well-known in the audio industry for manufacturing digital audio players (DAP)s and in-ear monitors (IEMs).The DX series of DAPs and IT series of IEMs from this brand are well-received by the audiophile community. I reviewed the iBasso IT01s earlier this year and it is indeed amazing – yielding great resolution with excellent build quality.


27/10/2019 · iBasso Audio DC01を、価格.comに集まるこだわり派ユーザーが、デザイン・音質・操作性など気になる項目別に徹底評価!実際のユーザーが書き込む生の声は何にも代えがたい情報源


IBasso Portable DAC DC01 Review | Hifigo That smartphones offer easy and practical access to content is out of the question; that they do it with the best quality is not. That’s why a rising number of companies are creating portable (I’d say mobile) DACs one

Review about ibasso dc01 Usage: 2weeks aprox One line : suitable for sound lovers not for music lovers Am a music lover I always love to listen live stage music’s I case ibasso dc01 it sounds great but not live. Eg. If you take a song voice/instrument’s we can split


IBasso Audio. 1 萬個讚好. Official iBasso Audio Facebook page. I have been asked by a few customers and have seen some posts regarding the DX160 being no longer produced. The DX160 is still a current model and will continue to be produced.


Introduction iBasso is a Chinese brand that is known for their digital audio players (DAPs). Recently, iBasso has released the DC01 which is a Hi-Res balanced DAC cable adapter. I would like to thank iBasso for providing the DC01 as a review unit. You can

The review of compact USB-C DAC adapter iBasso DC01 that offers inexpensive and convenient way to enhance the sound of your smartphone or computer. As you can see, DC01 is as simple as it can be. You just plug it into the source, plug the headphones in

iBasso IT04 Review Title: A Black Swan Introduction: Many of us are familiar with iBasso products, especially with their portable audio players, such as the DX100, DX50, DX90 and DX200 etc. and in-ear monitors such as the IT03 and IT01. Following the success of

12/10/2019 · The iBasso DC01 is a balanced DAC adapter with an AK4493 digital-to-analog conversion chip. It is particularly suitable for use on smartphones since it has an input on a USB-C connector, but can also be used with a computer


The sound is pretty damn good for a dongle. I’ve been using an Onkyo DP-X1 player for the last few years and the iBasso definitely gives it a run for its money. The main area where the DC01 is lacking in comparison is the soundstage and high mids. I’m using


Are you annoying to google the iBasso DC01 review and read them everywhere ? If yes, you are at the right place. Following you can find all the reviews of iBasso DC01 , including the article review and Youtube video review. Note: Xtenik just collected all the

DX160 Review by Audio Nervosa in Poland. You can change the language by using the upper left translator. Enjoy, and always, Ciesz się muzyką! See More

iBasso introduces the concept of balanced audio inprofessional audio with this portable DAC cable adapter. DC01 uses a true balanced circuit with ultra-low distortion LDOs to proivde high output with improved dynamics and resolution.

iBasso DC01 visit my site to take discount, sale off, review it DESIGN AND FINISHING USB Type-C ports are becoming more and more popular as it appears in every device from Android phones, PCs or

Great review, waiting for the iBasso DC02 review Reply Delete Replies Head pie August 30, 2019 at 10:04 AM I am waiting for the DC02. should be a winner. The DC01 is a great dac/amp with a great price (2.5mm is not for everyone though). I am enjoying the

รายละเอ ยด Ibasso DC-01 จ วแต แจ ว ก บ DAC/AMP ท ตอบโจทย สำหร บใช งานก บสมาร ทโฟนท ม พอร ต USB-C มากๆ มาพร อมก บ USB-A Adapter ท สามารถนำไปใช ก บ PC ท วไปได อ กเช นก น

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DC02 Review by Audio Glorye. Enjoy the review and always, Enjoy the Music! Using a high-performance DAC inside a small device is challenging but iBasso has managed to do it without sacrificing the sound and price in iBasso DC02.

Buy iBasso DC02 USB Type-C 3.5mm Cable Adapter online at Headphone Zone. Get the best audiophile accessories at the lowest prices. Talk to our Headphone experts and read our featured guide. This tiny piece of tech just made my Kanas Pro a beast.


アイバッソオーディオ iBasso Audio DC02【3.5mmステレオ端子仕様】 【送料無料】 2.5mmのバランス接続タイプのイヤホンやヘッドホンを使用している方はこちらのiBasso DC01がおすすめです! アイバッソオーディオ iBasso Audio DC01【2.5mmバランス端子仕様】

Review Q&A Customers Also Viewed Buy Now Featuring VELVET SOUND technology, the DC02 DAC headphone amp puts 32-bit PCM performance in a tiny, portable package. Compatible with Android phones only, not compatible with iOS or Apple

iBasso DC01 採用 VELVET SOUND 技術的新一代 AKM4493 Premium 32bit 立體聲 DAC,支援高達 32bit / 384kHz 的 PCM,以及硬解 Native DSD 高達 256X。DC01 為 8 芯線編織發燒級線材,雙超低噪聲 LDO 帶來高性能音頻。 DC01 平衡放大器配備 2.5mm

7千円を切る超小型アダプタでスマホ音楽が一変! iBasso「DC01」と「DC02 」を使った 橋爪 徹 2019年10月2日 07:30 スマートフォンでストリーミング音楽

iBasso Audio DC01についての情報を交換するなら、日本最大級の「価格.com クチコミ掲示板」で。交わされる情報の量と質は日本屈指のハイレベル!


iBasso DC02 visit my site to take discount, sale off, review it Với hệ thông mạng lưới và đội ngũ chuyên sâu, công ty chứng khoán ABS cung cấp dịch vụ tư vấn phát hành cổ phiếu hay niêm yết chứng khoán lên sàn giao dịch thị trường upcom.

10/10/2019 · iBasso Audio DC02すごい!このサイズでエントリーDAPに匹敵か・・・(^^) 発売当時から売り切れ続出のiBasso DC0Xシリーズ。type-c対応のスマホをDAPにパワーアップさせる代物です。DC01はバランス対応・DC02はアンバランスのみ対応。


The iBasso DC01 is a 2.5mm HiRes adapter cable, DAC and headphone amplifier compatible with Android, Mac and Windows. It allows the use of headphones on a smartphone that lacks a physical hardware audio output (or may overlook a low quality audio output